vol. 6


Our sixth instalment of ampersand features Stephanie Purcell and Aaina Sharma, two women best described as ‘explorers’. And constantly on the go.

Stephanie moved from Nebraska to LA, leaving her unfulfilling job in marketing behind to pursue her dream—television production. She is a self-described hobbyist—she’ll try anything once—and never says 'no' to a new sport, book or craft.

Aaina moved from India to the US, and then again to the UK (and we hear she's on the move again soon). She loves travelling so much that she has lost her sense of ‘definitive belonging’, enjoying the feeling of belonging to multiple places at once. Along her travels—or sojourns, as she describes them—she uses her photography to capture her own viewpoint of the places she visits.

Whilst Stephanie straddles the worlds of production and interior design—finding serendipitous crossover between the two—Aaina bridges the gap between branding and product design—each of them discovering new joys in their work.

We discuss inspiration—what it means, and how to find it—staying true to yourself, and, crucially, the delight that can be found in boundless, unbridled exploration.

Enjoy the stories.

Aaina Sharma

I've lost that sense of definitive identity: ‘this is who I am, this is where I belong,’ I can belong in multiple places, which is great.

With Neev & Genie

Stephanie Purcell

I always say I'll try it at least once. If I like it, I'll continue with it. If not, then I'll try something else.

Stephanie at a Photoshoot

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