vol. 4


"Women should be [insert adjective]."

"Don't get too [insert adjective]."

What elements of our identities are a result of such reminders and refrains?

Volume 4 features Terumi Murao & Sana Rao. This volume dives deep into hard-hitting questions of cultural identity, professional identity, and social identity.

Terumi is a secondhand stylist and model who's comfortable swapping high fashion for high adrenaline sports: both uphill and downhill ones. What that means is she's sometimes showing up to diamond shoots with scars and bruises. Sana's career in tech has taken her from India to San Francisco to London, and she's uncovered along the way what femininity and success mean to her.

We talk about being vocal about what you want, faking it till you make it (spoiler: you never really stop faking it), unlearning conditioning, and what it's like being a code-switching chameleon.

Enjoy the stories.

Terumi Murao

I always was comfortable code-switching through different environments. I don't mind being a chameleon.

Styling and makeup by Terumi; virtually shot by Joshua Pestka

Sana Rao

Art is about creation, and what's more feminine than creation?

Sana, creator of experiences, cultures and teams

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