vol. 7


Our seventh edition of ampersand features Aditi ‘Ditty’ Veena and Chella Ramanan, two women for whom ‘craft’ is central to what they do.

Aditi Veena is a musician and environmental architect—a career that taught her how to build ‘something from nothing’. Inspired by the nature around her, Ditty’s music gives her a voice to speak out about the destruction of the natural world—a voice that is not only a tool, but a ‘comforting friend’—whilst her architecture education provided her with the tools to tackle these issues head-on.

Chella Ramanan prefers to craft with a fountain pen in hand and a collection of incredible inks—giving her a ‘brain-hand connection’ that she loves. Formerly a games journalist and now a narrative designer, Chella immerses herself in her craft—whether that’s through analysing (and live-Tweeting about) films, championing representation in the industry, or attending writing workshops (a long-time hobby of hers). For Chella, the creativity that comes with community can’t be matched—and writing for games gives her the opportunity to surround herself with creatives from all disciplines, every day.

Enjoy the stories.

Aditi Veena

Songwriting... It’s a tool to be able to sublimate, to be able to communicate these ideas with the larger world, and to stand up for myself, in many ways

Ditty at a nature-inspired photoshoot

Chella Ramanan

When you have a craft, you can always get better at it or be more experimental or challenge yourself or collaborate in different ways

Chella at home

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