vol. 3


Our third volume tells the stories of two women who turned self-care into self-fulfillment.

What happens when the notion of "success" isn't what it's made out to be? Rui Liu was an international model for the likes of Valentino and Maybelline (she was the first Asian face of Maybelline), but was dealing with feelings of anger and questions about her self-identity. Sara had dreamt of being a lawyer since she was a child, but achieving that years later only brought about a distinct sense of emptiness.

Each went on their own journey of soul-searching, and in some way went back to the beginning: Rui to her hometown of Guizhou, and Sara to her first job as a makeup artist, by way of an adventure in Morocco.

We talk about beauty being more than skin deep, rediscovering your identity, plus when the timing was right for the passion project to turn into the real deal.

Rui Liu

It’s important to encourage people to tell their stories and own their stories.

Rui sipping tea

Sara Shah

I know now that I’m a creative at heart, especially coming from dance, but I'd never allowed myself to really explore that. With my legal career, you could always put things inside a box.

A picture from Sara's Instagram feed

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