vol. 5


Mental health takes centrestage in the latest installment of ampersand.

Volume 5 features Pearl Steffie & Poppy Jaman OBE.

Pearl is a chef and model, and erstwhile social media influencer. She goes from 12-hour days in the kitchen—chef's hat on, sans makeup—to fronting a photoshoot in a studio or on the beaches of Malibu.

Poppy is a mother, activist, and saree enthusiast. Today, she is normalising conversations around mental health, and does this against the cultural backdrop of being a British-Bengali woman with no formal clinical qualifications.

We speak candidly about facing mental health issues head-on, practising self-care and empowering other women. Pearl and Poppy are opening up conversations in ways each of them knows best: green sarees, food, fashion, and whatever else they may conjure.

Enjoy the stories.

Pearl Steffie

If I had to choose between cooking and modelling, I’d pick cooking, in a heartbeat.

On a photoshoot in Malibu

Poppy Jaman OBE

I want to be the shoulders that the next generation of women can stand on to develop their careers and their motherhood styles.

Poppy in a saree

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