vol. 1


Our first volume features Angela Chou, Laura Gao and Ariel Norling.

Angela is a VC; Laura is a comic book artist; and Ariel is a product designer. But their identities are so much more than their 9-to-5 jobs.

Angela's biggest pivots were almost always a little accidental; and whilst she may not be able to see very far ahead with each transition, she has some visibility.

Laura went viral on Twitter not once but twice. Her debut graphic novel is due in summer 2021.

Ariel jokes about starting her newsletter because of 'peer pressure'. I Know A Spot has now gained a life of its own with features by the NY Times and the Today show.

Each of their stories is quaint, idiosyncratic and unscripted. We loved stumbling upon them.

Laura Gao

I realized that authenticity is the best value to have if I wanted to stay happy in life. So that's the value that I bring now into my book and the rest of my life.

An impromptu self-photoshoot in San Francisco

Ariel Norling

I'm not impermeable; I do get distractions; I do multitask. I do all kinds of things in one day and the separation between them is not as solid as people would expect or want them to be.

Ariel & Alfie at home

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